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Who We Work With

Spools of thread in fair tradeWe serve businesses that aim for profitability and making a difference in the world.

You can enjoy both a healthy profit and the satisfaction of being a green and socially conscious enterprise. Most business schools, consultants and coaches provide entrepreneurs with the tools to run a business but few link business successes with socially and environmentally responsible methods.

We make that link for you. That's what makes us different. We work with small business entrepreneurs.  Some businesses already operate in a ‘green' and socially conscious way but are concerned about low earnings. Others want to be more environmentally and socially responsible but are hesitant to take the first step for fear that it will negatively impact profitability.

All these businesses see great opportunities in the growing green economy. And they see the possibilities of financial success while contributing to a better world.

Do you ever find yourself facing any of these business challenges? 

  • You notice other businesses in your industry coming up with innovative products and strategies that are geared towards the green and values-driven marketplace and you know you're going have to play catch up.

  • Currently, you don't have the answers or the green and consciously produced products to grow a loyal customer base and meet consumers' desires. And you don't know how to access them. Customers are asking about green products, organic and fair trade merchandise, raising health and safety issues or questioning the fair treatment of the people who make your products. You know there are innovative products and approaches to business out there that would meet your customers needs and enhance profits, but you don't know how and where to introduce them. And you're afraid of losing money in the transition.

  • You don't have a clear vision, goals and a strategy. You are unsure how to build your business as an innovative enterprise that is also a responsible community member but you know it starts with a future-forward vision. Your employees lack motivation and you know that a vision that reflects their values and setting Big Sustainability goals will energize them.

  • You experience poor communication with employees, customers and the community and the lack of clarity about your business processes and procedures end up costing you time, money and customers. You know that more efficient systems and innovative design can save money and lower your footprint. You're just not sure where to start.

  • You are worried that you may be facing pending government regulations and criticism from customers and the community. Your products may have health and safety issues as a result of their ingredients / materials or indirectly through negative environmental or social impacts in the manufacturing process.

  • You business honors your heart-centred vision but is still trudging along stuck in the "start-up phase". You've watched other similar businesses grow faster than you. You'd love to have your business really take off but you need some help growing it to the place where it will really make an impact.

  Clients will be most successful in working with us if:pizza making

  • You're motivated and willing to get the help you need. You know your core competencies and you're ready to invest in your business by getting help in the areas where your skills or knowledge need improvement. 

  • You're committed to long-term solutions rather than the "quick fix". You are willing to invest time and do the work needed to create the change you desire. You recognize that there is no quick path to business success and only you can create the vision for your business.

  • You understand the challenges of working collaboratively and in partnership, and are ready to make the exchange succeed.

  • You want to make a difference and make money. Profits matter to you but so do people. What really inspires you in business is making a contribution by making a healthy profit and being of genuine service to people and the planet.

  • You love nuts and bolts practical solutions but tend to be creative in how you get there.

  • You're committed to success and realize that while results matter, quality of life and the quality of the journey are equally important.

Now find out: How We Work

About two years ago our sales company was floundering in debt and had major problems with suppliers. Thanks to Harvey Weisfeld and his company, WiserSolutions, a number of very imaginative steps were taken to resolve the debts while keeping supplies at workable levels. We were able to cut operating costs without hurting productivity. It is now two years later and we are out of debt, have an optimal inventory level and are actually increasing our profits. If you want to boost your company earnings, there are strategies available for you to use with very low risk. I highly recommend that you look into these.

Zoltan Rona, M.D., M.Sc.