Vision, Mission and Values Creation or Reflection

 A clear vision and mission is critical to the success of any business, yet many are either outdated, nonexistent or are uninspiring and don't reflect the organizations true intentions with regard to the future it wants to create.  As a compass point, this helps to guide individual and organizational decision-making.

mapping strategyThe purpose of this service is to ensure that your company's vision and/or mission reflect your purpose and values and the impact you want your business to make.

We offer

  • Collaborative, inclusive processes that encourage participation.
  • Processes that are customized to your business' needs. We help you to fully engage all stakeholders including key customers and suppliers to a management lead process.
  • Creative half and full day vision and mission development sessions.

Intended Results 

  • You will achieve enhanced cohesiveness within your company through a shared vision - galvanizing the intentions of each individual in the organization around the same purpose.
  • Your vision and mission will serve as compass points for the outcomes that your company wants to manifest.
  • You will discover alignment (or misalignment) between company actions and vision.
  • You will create benchmarks on which to base evaluation tools.

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The distinguishing feature of long-lasting successful companies is that they use their vision, mission and values to guide decision-making.

Jim Collins & Jerry Porras
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