Values-Revolution Knowledge Translation

We live in a changing world where social and environmental pressures and wide access to information is influencing consumer choices and the way business is being done.  The fast growing market of ‘conscious' consumers' are making their purchasing decisions connected to social and environmental values.  Many business people are remotely aware of this values revolution and how it is affecting their business.

We help business leaders and employees to deepen their understanding of the changing economic landscape where values of environmental and social responsibility are key influencers on business and consumer choice. 

We offer

  • An assessment of information on shifting values-based consumer spending, green market opportunities and trends and risks from impending regulations.
  • A custom analysis of this information - based on your unique situation.
  • Business case examples which we collect and provide to our clients.
  • Leading-edge information for you (reading materials, audio interviews and book recommendations) to gain a deeper understanding of the underpinnings of the shifting marketplace.

Intended Results

  • You will clarify risks and opportunities reflected in the ‘business case' for sustainability.
  • You will have a deepened understanding of the changing marketplace, values of conscious consumers and other influencing factors.
  • You will have an enhanced ability to make informed strategic green and conscious business decisions.

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