wiserSolutions Services and Solutions

wiserSolutions offers a combination of coaching and consulting services to help your business optimize profitability. We help you to increase productivity, embrace innovation and develop environmentally and socially responsible business strategies and approaches in manageable steps.

Getting clear on root causes of your issues is our first priority so we can offer long-term, sustainable solutions.

Most often, the problems you see in your business are only the symptoms of larger issues. We have learned that the business issues you can see, may have root causes and solutions in a totally different area of the business. We make sure that we uncover root causes to save you valuable time, money and resources.   

We begin by conducting a customized audit. We analyze the specific industry needs that are the focus of your business. This may be a hybrid assessment that uses a blend of assessment tools and includes identifying values-actions gaps within the organization.

We diagnose your company's capabilities and constraints in key areas that impact productivity and the bottom lines of people, planet and profits. This audit benchmarks your business against top performing green and conscious businesses to establish an accurate assessment and to identify performance gaps and opportunities.

Then, we provide you with an expert perspective on your current reality and give you feedback on key problem areas. We then prioritize next steps and develop an action plan.

Customized Solutions

We offer a range of services to help companies solve problems and to manage growth and change.  Based on your goals and the results of an assessment, we will customize a plan that will include one or more of the following services. Click on the links below to learn more.

There has never been a better time for a business revolution and quest for new heights than today. This is not a revolution of anarchists, however, but of activists and innovators... about fostering a climate of knowledge sharing with the group that is conducive to creativity and value creation.

Bjorne Wolrath,
former CEO of Skandia