Resource Development

Businesses waste time and money by trying to re-invent the wheel, often oblivious to what is already out there. As well they repeat the same mistakes that other businesses have already made or ignore winning strategies that are appropriate for them. There is a wealth of information to draw on from innovative green business case studies as well as other resources for small business. Change management requires tools and strategies to initiate and implement change.

The objective of this service is to provide our clients the tools and resources necessary to support their business goals and development objectives. 

We offer

  • The most appropriate business case examples, tools and guides from our database and educational information.
  • Access to support organizations.
  • Customized research to support our clients' resource needs.

Intended Results

  • You will have access to tools, information and guides that support green innovations and sustainability based on your specific needs and goals
  • We will source the most appropriate service providers, products and other resources to support your business goals - particularly ‘green' service providers and suppliers of green and responsibly produced goods.

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