Business Partnership Development

business partnersWe believe in collaborative partnerships! Developing partnerships can be fraught with challenges and complexities.  Business partnerships are initially established for a reason.  Partners may complement each other's abilities. They may share a passion and vision for what they want to create together.  Over time, businesses change, roles change and the initial vision can become outdated. The business and the individual partners suffer when these changes are not addressed or the vision is not renewed.

 We support existing and new business partnerships so they can build relationships that strengthen your business and that create meaningful work that is satisfying for each partner.

We offer 

  • A process that is respectful, non-judgmental and attuned to the needs of the business as well as the individuals.
  • Facilitated meetings, either in person or by teleconference, with partners, together as well as individually.
  • Techniques and practices for enhancing deep listening and other communication skills.
  • A process that looks at the past, present and future of the partnership and the business.
  • A conflict resolution process aimed at getting to the root of the issues.
  • Ongoing support by teleconference calls once core issues are resolved.

Intended Results

  • You will have a solidified shared business vision that will enhance unity by bringing out the business passion of all partners.
  • You will have clear resolution of partnership issues.
  • You and your partners will increase their communication capacity.
  • You will identify the strength areas of each partner.
  • You and your partners will have clear partnership roles and expectations.

To learn how we can help you to strengthen your business partnership or resolve issues please CONTACT US