wiserSolutions' Approach

 At wiserSolutions we offer an approach and a way of thinking that helps businesses to be both profitable and to make a difference in the world.

New Thinking - Going GreenThe triple bottom line approach of people, planet and profit integrates the best tools of traditional business with social and environmentally responsible practices. When your core products and services are delivered and produced consciously, the result is a win-win-win for people, planet and your profits!

When we say that we use an integral approach to analyze your business challenges, we mean that we pay attention to the relationships between interdependent business elements. By looking at the entire range of stakeholders and all the impacts a business has on the environment and society, opportunities to create true value become visible - providing sustainable business advantage. At the same time, you are doing the "right thing" for customers, employees, suppliers, communities, environment and your business. 

We use a ‘big picture' approach to organizational development. We believe that the greatest benefits occur when you hold multiple perspectives of personal, interpersonal and professional development alongside your strategic business goals. By using this integrated strategy-focused approach, we help you build a bridge from current reality to desired results. 

When working with you:

We will invest the necessary time to understand your organization before recommending a custom-designed solution. We'll learn your history, your current situation and your vision for the future. With that knowledge, we will build a solution to meet your organizational needs. What kind of future do you want to build?

We will listen and help support clear communication at all levels of an organization.  Poor communication - where concerns from key stakeholders are not heard - blocks the resolution of issues.   In what ways and what areas would clearer communication enhance your businesses operations?

We will customize business solutions to each client's specific needs and focus on real business issuesWhat business issues are impeding your growth and profitability?  What risks are you facing or opportunities are you missing by not adopting green and social responsible business strategies?

We will focus on change that best meets the long-term needs of the customer offering value with values-added.  In what ways could you better serve the needs of your customers through your product or services?  In what ways are your company's practices reflecting the values of your customers and community?

We will collaborate with our clients, respecting that you are the experts of your core business offering.  We offer strategic consulting services in tandem with your organizational knowledge for a change process that works best.  Effective collaboration inspires a shared vision, expectations and strategy.  What ideas, knowledge or gut feelings do you already have about what changes your business would benefit from making?

We focus on capacity building and self-sufficiency.  We enable our clients to continue the work after we are gone.  What tools, systems, guidelines, training and support do you need to continue business development?

What makes wiserSolutions different?

wiserSolutions stands out from other small business consultancies because of

  • Over twenty-five years of experience and success as a small business entrepreneur
  • Training and experience of helping people with personal, interpersonal and organizational change
  • Life experience of successfully navigating through significant business and personal change
  • A unique blend of consulting and coaching - we integrate supporting a change process with a practical understanding of small business in a variety of industries such as food service, clothing manufacturing, importing and wholesale.

Now that you have a better idea of the results you can get by working with us, and our approach, go to our Services page to learn about the specific services that we offer.

At Whole Foods, we measure success by how much value we can create for all six of our most important stakeholders: customers, employees, investors, vendors, communities and the environment. Working with this approach, during the last 12 months we had sales of more than $5.6 billion and a net profit of more than $200 million.

John Mackey,
CEO of Whole Foods Market