Conscious Leadership Coaching

You will inspire a shared vision in others.The success of your company is dependent upon the capacity, ability and skill of your leadership.  As well, for a triple bottom line approach to business, leaders who act with integrity and transparency and who help to guide according to the vision of the business are a true inspiration.  Most companies teach their leaders the mechanics of running a business at the expense of essential leadership skills.

We provide customized coaching support to help business leaders achieve their goals and vision and to bring deeper meaning and purpose to their work.

We offer

  • One-to-one coaching in person or on the phone
  • Educational materials and other resources to support leadership coaching work

Intended Results

  • You will achieve greater life-work integration and balance.
  • You will identify personal leadership talents, strengths and areas for improvement.
  • You will build collaboration, teamwork and trust.
  • You will inspire a shared vision in others.
  • Your leadership focus will be on a triple bottom line approach of people, planet and profits.

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