How wiserSolutions Works

Teamwork for business and “green” solutions

What's it like working with us?  

On this page we'll tell you the kind of results that our clients can expect and we'll give you a sense of our guiding beliefs. Then in the next section we'll explain our approach to client projects and how we set ourselves apart.

And what results can you expect from our help?

We'll help you to develop strategies to position your business at the forefront of the green revolution.   You'll gain a clear understanding of the dynamics of green and conscious business practices. You will learn wiser uses of resources to cut costs and save money. You'll become familiar with the values-driven consumer market (LOHAS) and learn how to attract them. By examining innovative, green business case studies, we'll help you to revisit and revision your products and services from a green and conscious business perspective. 

You will learn strategies to work with existing suppliers to make their products and services more environmentally and socially responsible or to find new ‘green' suppliers.  You'll include responsibly produced products that are 3rd party certified into your product mix. You'll have the answers for your customers' questions about socially responsible products and services. When you implement these strategies, you will attract loyal customers and grow your conscious consumer base.

We'll help you to develop green, socially responsible product procurement policies to guide your purchasing decisions of products and services.  In the long run you can expect that by including more of these products and services and telling your customers your authentic story, your profitability will be enhanced.

We'll help you clarify your business vision and align it to the values of owners, leaders and employees and to close any values-actions gaps.  Your decisions and actions will be a true reflection of your vision. By setting big goals of sustainability, your employees will be engaged, energized and motivated which will drive creativity, innovation and profitability.

You can expect to improve your communication with your employees, customers and the community at large.  We'll help you to see where you may be conveying mixed messages, where customers may be wary of possible greenwashing' from over-exaggerated claims.  We'll help you to tell your authentic story of products and services that reflect your vision and we'll help you to build loyalty with your customers and deepen your community relationships.

We'll help you take that ‘great idea', the values and the passion that your business was born out of and help it blossom into a vibrant and profitable enterprise.  We'll look at your management and financial systems, resource allocation and marketing strategies and help you to incorporate best business practices to make your business financially successful.

Guiding Beliefs or Values

  • Profitability is vital. One of our key aims with clients is to increase overall profitability. We strongly believe in a business approach that integrates profitability with social and environmental responsibility but making a profit is essential.
  • Adding values leads to added value.  We believe that by adding values of caring for people and the planet to how you do business will add value to your product or service.  Making a difference while making money is the leading edge of business today.
  • Transparency and authenticity is key.  One of our key guiding principles is to be authentic. To be authentic means being true to your vision, mission and values.  We believe that companies that are transparent around their decision-making, their actions and problems increase loyalty and trust. This translates into profits. 
  • Companies should be great places to work. We believe that a winning business strategy is to place high value on the people who work for you.  To attract motivated employees and to energize them you have to create an environment that values them and speaks to their values.

Now that you know some results that you can expect when working with us and our guiding beliefs and values learn more about Our Approach .

I’ve been working with Harvey Weisfeld of WiserSolutions for the last year and a half. His ability to listen and and attune to my needs & interests has helped me to focus on where I need to go with building my yoga business. .

Harvey knows of and has access to a diverse range of resources and shares that information readily. This knowledge of his field and other experts within it makes his approach comprehensive and effective.

Linda Zelicki