Case Study 4 - Recruitment Agency

This young entrepreneur had been working in the spa and beauty industry for many years in a variety of capacities including management. She had a well-developed network and through her experience had identified a clear entrepreneurial opportunity.  There was no reliable service that matched employees to the specific needs of spas and salons. 

Our client conducted interviews and questionnaires with spa and salon owners. The results clearly demonstrated that there was an overwhelming ‘YES' to a willingness to use her services.  The problem was that she didn't know how to turn this vision into a reality.

What did wiserSolutions do?

We met with our client to clarify success factors. We determined that we needed to meet regularly to create a step-by-step plan and to ensure follow through.  We developed a business plan using several templates. We created a detailed customer survey to target potential clients and identify their needs.

We then recommended market research of similar businesses in other countries that were already providing this service.  By finding out what was already working for them, their pricing strategy, marketing approaches and contractual agreements; she wouldn't have to re-invent the wheel. 

We collaboratively created a critical path plan with realistic time-lines.  We looked at marketing strategies and materials needed as well as a sign up strategy. This involved all aspects of creating a service business.  We helped her to see the benefits of including social and environmental responsibility into her vision...and how that might translate to her clients.

What came out of the work we did? 

This spa and salon recruitment agency is ready to take off.  She accessed information from similar businesses in Europe who shared their knowledge and experience.  She identified the needs of potential clients and created marketing materials, contractual forms, and a match-making database software system along with other necessary business elements.

The step-by-step critical planning process and the business plan development took the guesswork and anxiety out of the business development process.  At this time she has numerous clients as well as a growing database of industry professionals and graduates as well as industry schools that are working with her.  She's well positioned, highly organized and ready to take off.