Case Study 3 - Healing Retreat Centre

This successful Ayurvedic retreat and healing centre knew that it was going through a transition but they were unclear about the direction in which they were headed.   For years they had been offering very high-end personalized service to a limited number of clients at any one time.  They decided to expand their business by building a large new facility and residence.  The problem was that the building was already under construction yet they weren't clear about how it would be used.  Both partners had different ideas about the direction they thought they were moving in and these were not clearly communicated.

What did wiserSolutions do?

We suggested a weekly teleconference call with both partners as well as occasional individual meetings.  We summarized these meetings with a written report.  We helped them to clarify how far apart they were on some of their ideas; on what they agreed and that their communication skills needed improvement.   We worked through a process to clarify and expand their business vision.

We helped them to identify the structural adjustments needed to make their ideas a reality and how this would or wouldn't fit with their existing business.

We addressed questions such as:  Would they need additional staff?  If they were bringing large groups for workshops, how would that impact on the privacy of the other guests?  What changes would need to be made to the layout of the building depending on the different usages?  What different roles and responsibilities would each of the partners now have?

We met with the partners to answer these questions but communication difficulties created obstacles and emotions stirred.  As part of their homework, they were taught to practice a variety ‘deep listening' exercises to develop their communication skills.   We recommended that they attend some weekend workshops to address some of the emotional issues that arose.  We created a number of different structures for partnership meetings to organize what items would be addressed and when. 

What came out of the work we did? 

The partners identified and agreed on the usages of the new building and adjusted the design accordingly.  They were able to each identify and agree upon their roles in the expanded business based on their passion and the need.  Carefully designed and facilitated meetings helped to manage anxiety around issues. 

This process brought the partners together with a renewed vision, new passion and with enhanced communication skills.  They are collaborating with holistic healing schools and other institutions to bring workshops to their expanded centre, which is adding to their income stream.