Case Study 2 - Physical Instructor in Alternative Health

This seasoned instructor had years of training and experience, lead her own training groups and workshops but wanted to augment her income flow.  She developed an innovative program but did not know the necessary steps to move successfully from the idea to reality.

What did wiserSolutions do? 

We met with our client for regular weekly coaching sessions.  We identified her own resistance to moving forward including her ambivalent attitude towards being ‘a businessperson' and how this inhibited her success. 

WiserSolutions helped our client to develop a perspective of business as a potential positive force for good.  We worked on developing structures and systems to grow her business.   We developed a customer profile and conducted market research.  We created a marketing strategy that reflected her values.  WiserSolutions then segmented the markets into clear target markets, identified prospects' needs and clarified how our client would meet customers' needs.

During this process, it became clear that our client was most excited about her idea for a specific program that none of her competitors was offering.  We created a step-by-step action plan to create this program.  This included creating a manual to give to participants, class structures and three different formats for delivering this program.

WiserSolutions helped her to create marketing materials to promote this new program, including letters requesting referrals from other health care practitioners.

Our approach was homework intensive.  At the end of each session, we would agree on goals and I would suggest some detailed homework to move toward these.  At times I would provide templates to follow, reading materials or other tools and information to support the process. 

What came out of the work we did?  

Our client has run several successful workshops based on the program that she developed.  She now sees the value of business, marketing and making money when it is in the context of providing a service.  She has developed great marketing and educational materials and is building her practice around this program, adding new classes and workshops.