wiserSolutions Case Studies

 Here are several businesses that wiserSolutions has worked with and the results that we've produced for them!  Please have a look to get a more detailed idea of how we've worked with some of our clients.
  • Case Study 1  Natural Health Products Distributor- This vibrant business ran into cash flow and profitability problems bringing their business to a standstill. We worked with them and now they are once again profitable and growing... Read More

  • Case Study 2  Physical Instructor in Alternative Health - This entrepreneur had an innovative program idea but needed to generate more income to make the business sustainable. We worked together to develop a program... Read More

  • Case Study 3  Healing and Retreat Centre- This successful retreat centre was expanding and going through a transition but the partners had different ideas about where they were headed... Read More

  • Case Study 4  Recruitment Agency- This young entrepreneur saw a great market opportunity for a new start-up in the beauty and spa industry where she had lots of experience. She had a list of eager clients and needed support to go from the idea stage to the reality stage... Read More

"Fair trade products are growing faster than organics in western nations, and another trend that is very big is to buy local. There’s a real synergy now with these ideas and the organic movement. We ave a perfect storm of massive marketplace interest in new ideas." 
Ronnie Cummins, founder of the Organics Consumer Association, a U.S. network of 850,000 socially responsible shoppers.


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Harvey played a significant role during a transitional period of our business. He was particularly helpful in assisting us to organize different types of meetings. He coached us clearly and patiently to develop effective communication skills. In times of disagreement he offered new perspectives and encouraged us to find mutually acceptable solutions.

Julia and Dennis Mader
Rasayana Cove Ayurvedic Retreat