Business Development Support

Strong businesses require strong but flexible structures. Our business development support strengthens the relationship between managing a business and the necessary structures.

putting puzzle pieces togetherWe offer

  • ‘Out of the box' brainstorming processes for product, process and service innovations.  We use information from strategic mapping and planning, guided visualizations and other idea-generating techniques to enhance this process.
  • ‘Vision keeping', to help hold the focus, stay true to the vision and keep the underlying logic clear to create successful strategies and achieve established goals.
  • Support and guidance for leaders or teams to implement policy and systems changes and to establish operational guidelines. 

Intended Results

  • You will successfully work through ‘process issues' that arise when creating change.
  • You will orient and integrate the dynamics of social, environmental and economic issues that impact the sustainability of your business.
  • You will gain insights and strategy to successfully target and expand the conscious consumer market
  • We will assist you in establishing teams, guidelines, policies and systems to support newly established goals (this may include product procurement policies, integration of 3rd party certified products, ethical sourcing guidelines, organizing teams to lower environmental footprints and resource usage).

To learn how we can help with your small business development needs please CONTACT US for a no obligation consultation.