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Harvey Weisfeld – for wiserSolutions consulting and coachingI'm Harvey Weisfeld, the person behind wiserSolutions!  I work individually with clients and when appropriate, I'll team with trusted colleagues to provide the services needed. That's when "the I" become we.

I'm deeply committed to social responsibility, community activism, community leadership and our planet. And I'm passionate about entrepreneurship. .

As an entrepreneur I believe in balancing social and environmental missions with practical business concerns. From my professional experience, I have learned that a values-driven business model is the leading edge of business success and the best vehicle for positive action. And it has made my work meaningful.

For over 25 years, I created, owned and ran four innovative, leading edge small businesses, experiencing the numerous challenges that entrepreneurs face - including success and failure.  I learned invaluable lessons from both. My first business was Yofi's, a popular, trendy, health-oriented, fresh food Mediterranean themed restaurant. I followed this success with The Holiday, a 12,000 square foot, live music nightclub and restaurant in Toronto's Queen Street West. This was on the cutting edge, ahead of the curve, actually a bit too ahead, and too large an undertaking for our available resources. This business ultimately failed. But I learned a ton!

I regularly traveled to India to source or manufacture products for my wholesale and retail businesses, Lost Horizon Trading Company and Rising Suns.  I had several business objectives to grow the businesses in a socially responsible manner.  These included, working with local craftspeople, using sustainable materials and incorporating traditional handcrafts with contemporary designs.

My professional experiences were a catalyst for my own personal development. I completed a psychotherapy certification while running one of my import businesses.  My love of entrepreneurship, my desire to make a difference in the world and my understanding of the important role that conscious business and leadership can play in growing the green economy, led me to my current consulting and coaching business, wiserSolutions.

I've worked independently and in business partnerships - at times managing over 25 employees. My partnership experience, counseling and communication skills assist business partners to thrive through the challenges of partnership.

For several years now, I've engaged in one-on-one business and leadership coaching.  My consulting and coaching skills support strategic actions needed for successful change and assist in identifying the dynamics that may hinder it.

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Harvey at WiserSolutions has helped me set a clear path in launching my recruitment agency. Harvey’s past experience as an entrepreneur and his ability to fully understand and "ask the right questions" has made me confident that Beauty Buzz will be a success. I look forward to working closely with Wiser Solutions in the future, and value all the great knowledge Harvey has shared with me.

Hila Zer-Aviv